TMC, NASHVILLE -- Need to know how your fleet stacks up against your peers and competitors? Vehicle maintenance and service analytics provider, Decisiv, has rolled out a new concept in benchmarking it calls a "Service Scorecard." It is premiering this week at The Technology & Maintenance Council's annual meeting in Nashville.

The scorecard was developed for TMC, and a few volunteer fleets will be the first to help populate the database and start building fleet service profiles. The idea behind it, according to Michael Riemer, Decisiv VP of products and channel marketing, is to let fleets see how fleets compare on several key service and maintenance metrics based on the size of the fleet, type of operation, cargos, etc.

Reimer said in an interview that one of the challenges in fleet maintenance is evaluating the effectiveness of their service programs -- not just internally, but also when compared to similar fleets.

"It's not enough to say we're doing okay," Reimer said. "In such a cost-competitive environment, you have to know where your costs are relative to the competition -- to a fleet peer group."

This scorecard can also help fleets focus their attention on areas where its needed, through management by exception. Reimer says users can select various attributes and focus on the irregularities rather than massive amounts of data fleets now have access to.

"It's a way to identify issues that are important to a particular fleet," he said.

The current proposal will see the system open to any fleet with a U.S. DOT number. There will eventually be a yearly subscription fee and participating fleets will be required to reply to questionnaires throughout the year.

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