Average prices for diesel exhaust fluid in both the U.S. and Canada increased for the second consecutive month, after declining steadily over the last six months, according to new figures from the group Integer Research.

The national DEF truckstop average price slightly increased by one cent to $2.80 per gallon in the U.S. In Canada, prices have remained unchanged at CA$0.80 per liter on average since October 2011.

In the U.S., bulk DEF average prices increased in February compared with the previous month, with the national average gaining three cents to $1.57 per gallon for full truckload deliveries and by five cents to $1.89 per gallon for less-than-truckload deliveries.

Detroit posted the lowest average prices for all delivery modes, while the highest average prices were found in Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

Canadian bulk DEF prices increased in February for the third consecutive month, with the average price for FTL, LTL deliveries and tote refills reaching CA$0.48 per liter, CA$0.58 per litter and CA$0.61 per liter, respectively.

Diesel exhaust fluid is used in diesel engines featuring selective catalytic reduction technology, used by most manufacturers beginning with the 2010 model year, to meet U.S. emissions requirements.