Pam Transport, an irregular route common and contract carrier headquartered in Tontitown, Ark., recently launched Honor Road, its new civilian career transition program. This program allows military members and veterans to build a new career while earning pay from Pam Transport and benefits from G.I. Bills.

Honor Road provides one year on-the-job training designed for veterans eligible for V.A. education benefits, including the post 9/11 G.I. Bill. According to Pam Transport’s Dan Kee, associate vice president of driver resources.

Honor Road is a three-part, one year, 3,710-hour, comprehensive program designed to provide OJT as an over-the-road truck driver. Veterans that qualify for this program will receive a tax-free monthly housing allowance (MHA stipend) from the V.A. in addition to regular driver pay from Pam Transport.

There are exemptions granted for certain phases of Honor Road to service members that meet the criteria of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Military CDL skills test waiver program.

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