Chrysler Group is recalling 2014 model-year Ram Promasterfull-size vans so dealers can replace the pedal stop and prevent unintended acceleration, the automaker announced.

The replacement pedal stop will correct a condition that risked having the accelerator pedal stick in the wide-open position if the driver applied force at an angle. Chrysler is recalling 9,655 vehicles.

The automaker said it's unaware of any injuries, accidents or customer complaints linked to the condition. About half of the affected vans are still on dealer lots. What's more, all Chrysler vehicles are equipped with a brake-throttle override system. As a result, applying the brake pedal overrides any simultaneous accelerator input, so the driver can still bring the vehicle to a stop.

Chrysler said it discovered the issue during testing at a company facility, where a driver applied downward force at an angle. Company engineers investigated and determined that a 3-inch stop that went into production four days after the incident did not bind, even when force was applied to the accelerator pedal at an angle.

Chrysler Group will notify affected customers and assume the cost of the repairs. Van owners can reach the company at (800) 853-1403.