A Texas district court jury has verdict in favor of Dallas-based trucking company FFE Transportation Services after rejecting a $3.5 million lawsuit filed by the City of Saint Jo, following an automobile accident that took place nearly four years ago.

Jurors in District Court, Montague County, found FFE Transportation was not at fault for a May 4, 2010, crash between a company rig and a police car driven by a Saint Jo police officer, according to a release issued Monday.

The northern Texas city claimed the truck driver failed to yield to an emergency vehicle, among other alleged infractions. Jurors delivered their verdict in favor of the trucking company on Jan. 14 following the six-day trial.

"This decision is important because it demonstrates that drivers of municipal emergency vehicles must use a measure of care when they're on public roadways at all times, even when they're responding to calls," said FFE attorney Bill Chamblee.