UPDATED -- Drivers are going to have to keep a copy of their medical certificate on hand for another year, says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The agency plans to publish a notice of the requirement very soon, a spokesman said. A summary can be viewed on the FMCSA website, while the full, but yet-to-published official notice is also available from the agency.

In a program the agency has been working on for several years, some states have installed an automated “medcert” tracking system that gives enforcement officials electronic access to those records.

Other states have not completed their work, however, so the agency is extending the paper requirement until Jan. 30, 2015.

In states where the program is working, drivers submit their certificates to state licensing bureaus and the bureaus add the medical data to Commercial Driver Licensing Information System database, which roadside enforcement officials can access.

This is the second time the agency has had to extend the paper requirement.

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