The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is moving to fix a long-time problem in its CSA safety enforcement system.

The agency is asking for comments on a plan to start including in its CSA database the results of court rulings on carrier challenges of roadside inspection citations.

It’s been a problem because the citation shows up in the carrier’s record at the agency but a subsequent dismissal of the citation by a court does not make it into the system.

To solve the problem, the agency wants to change the Motor Carrier Management Information System to accommodate the results of a court’s finding.

Specifically, the change would accept information concerning a violation that was dismissed or the carrier found not guilty. In that case, the original violation would be removed from the CSA database.

If the citation is changed or reduced to a lesser charge, the CSA file would say so and adjust the carrier’s safety score.

If the original charge is upheld, the violation would remain in the system.

“These changes will improve the uniformity and quality of data vital improving safety on the Nation’s roads,” the agency said in its announcement.

Comments are due by Jan. 2, 2014.