A provider of information and services ensuring independent contractor best practices, Relevant Business Solutions, has launched its Independent Contractor Information subscription-based service website.

It provides companies a convenient one-stop, easy-to-use location to find relevant components applicable to using independent contractors, according to a release.

“Components to this subscription based website service include: statutes, regulations, cases, legislative session and contact information, bill tracking and general news both on a per state and federal level.” says Scott Grandys, CEO, Relevant Business Solutions. “We bring all of this information to our subscribers for a modest monthly fee that ranges from $50 to $100.

“Relevant Business Solutions analyzes, on a daily basis, a complicated set of variables that are used to determine the classification of workers. As a subscriber, this information is delivered in real-time, with live updates to help companies determine the most current best practices for using independent contractors.” says Rick Flaaen, chief administrative officer.

More information is available at www.relevantbusinesssolutions.com