While trucking continues rolling during the partial shutdown of the federal government, an often used weekly roundup of fuel prices from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration has been sidelined due to a lack of funding, but there are other reports available to give you a read as to where diesel prices stand.

According to ProMiles, the average cost of diesel on Monday stood at $3.887 per gallon. It is based on a survey of 9,400 truckstops. The price is updated throughout the day and may be different than when this story was originally published.

AAA reports the national average of diesel was at $3.875 per gallon on Monday, down from $3.882 per gallon a week ago and much lower than the $4.136 the same time a year earlier.

Regular grade gasoline has also fallen over the past week to $3.343, AAA reports, compared to $3.346 a week ago and $3.974 the same time a year ago.

The AAA figures are supplied by the Oil Price Information Service, which  announced it has launched a fuel surcharge index due to the government shutdown. 

Meantime, the company that says it helps shippers manage their fuel costs, Breakthrough Fuel, said it would start its own fuel survey based on prices collected from thousands of reporting truckstops nationwide. It reported the average cost of diesel was $3.887 per gallon, down from $3.897 a week earlier.

A week ago the EIA reported diesel had fallen for the fourth straight week to a national average of $3.897 per gallon, while gasoline was at $3.367 per gallon.

EIA released a statement Friday saying its offices will be closed and no fuel or oil price reports will be issued until funding for the agency is restored.

Crude oil gained 39 cents on Monday in New York trading, settling at $102.41 per barrel, which is down about 75 cents over the past week. The Monday hike came as most major stock indexes increased slightly on optimism that Congress and the Obama administration were moving closer to resolving the stalemate that has resulted in a partial shutdown of the federal government.