There is a move to get Pennsylvania to join th majority of states when it comes to having higher speed limits.

Republican State Sen. Joseph Scarnati is trying to drum up support for a bill he hopes to introduce raising the top speed limit to 70 mph along some Interstate routes, including along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

“Increasing Pennsylvania’s maximum speed limit on interstate highways and the turnpike will allow for better traffic flow and more efficient delivery of goods and services throughout the Commonwealth,” he wrote in a memo on Friday to his fellow senators.

The top speed limit in Pennsylvania for cars and trucks is 65 mph along rural portions of Interstate highways and 55 in and around cities.

Currently 34 states have a top speed limit of 70 mph, including Pennsylvania neighbors Ohio and West Viriginia, while 16 have them at least 75 mph.

Under Scarnati’s plan speed limits would remain at current levels unless engineering and traffic studies conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or Turnpike Commission find that a higher speed limit is reasonable and safe before increasing it on any stretch of road.  Because of that, he says the American Automobile Association is supportive of his efforts.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reportedly will look over the legislation once it is introduced while the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission seems to be in favor of the bill.