On Oct. 15, CRST Expedited Inc., the largest operating company of CRST International Inc., will begin delivering a pay increase of $10 million over the next 12 months to its drivers, according to the company.

The pay hike is for new and existing drivers alike, with all experience levels and is based on several factors including tenure, experience and incremental pay for performance. The raises are designed to retain current drivers and recruit new ones in a highly competitive marketplace.

In addition to the pay raise, CRST has invested in drivers in other ways over the past year: by building a $13 million driver training and truck repair facility in Riverside, Calif.; a $1.6 million expansion of the driver training facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and a new $10 million Commercial Drivers License training academy (the North American Driver Training Academy) in Cedar Rapids.

CRST trains up to 250 new drivers each week in its modern facilities that offer on-campus lodging, classrooms, affordable quality meals and entertainment. And, the company offers safety training to its drivers.

It currently employs more than 5,100 drivers and office personnel, and an additional 2,700 independent contractors across the nation. The company operates over 4,450 tractors, with an average age of 18 months, and 7,300 trailers.