Today's professional truck drivers are more environmentally conscious and staying more connected than ever through technology, according to a new survey of Atlas Van Lines drivers.

Now in its ninth year, Atlas Van Lines' King of the Road Survey provides insights from one of the nation's leading moving company's drivers on their preferred brands, use of technology and eco-friendly habits while navigating the roads.

This year's King of the Road survey highlights include:

Drivers are doing their part to be more eco-friendly while on the road. For the first time in the survey's history, more than half of Atlas' drivers (53%) seek out recycling opportunities for aluminum, plastic and glass trash items they accumulate throughout their travels. Furthermore, 38% are taking advantage of reusable drink containers and 33% are using reusable grocery bags. Drivers also reported exercising other means of reducing their carbon footprint, including the use of toll road PrePasses, generators and biodiesel fuel.

Smartphone use amongst drivers is on the rise. Sixty-six percent of drivers surveyed use smartphones, a 6% increase from 2012, with the iPhone outpacing Android phones (58% to 38%) as the smartphone of choice for drivers. Verizon Wireless remains the preferred wireless network of choice for the second consecutive year.

Drivers are continuing to use technology to stay more connected while on the road, as the survey saw increases across the board on frequent email and Internet usage. More than three-fourths of drivers check email daily; 84% access Internet on a daily basis and 56% of drivers check social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter every day.