Boulder Electric Vehicle has successfully demonstrated its Vehicle-to-Grid all-electric trucks in three separate locations including Michigan, Colorado and California. 

The first full powered success transpired in Royal Oak, Mich., on June 14. With 60 kilowatts of power going in and coming out of the vehicles, Boulder EV demonstrated V2G bi-directional charging. 

"This first success happened in the labs of our EVSE partner Coritech Services. When we finally saw the power going in and coming out at the maximum allowable amounts as per the J1772 DC Combo connector spec, we were all as giddy as school kids," said Boulder EV CEO Carter Brown.

The second major milestone came on July 25, in Ft. Carson, Colo. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Spiders project signed off on verifying full charge and discharge of the vehicle at 60 kilowatts of power.

The third demonstration took place at Boulder Electric Vehicle's Los Angeles plant on Aug. 13. The California Energy Commission awarded Boulder Electric Vehicle a $3 million grant from its Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program to support the opening of BEV's second plant, located in Los Angeles.

Boulder Electric Vehicle says this makes it the only electric truck manufacturer in the world to demonstrate working vehicle-to-grid charging at 60 kilowatts of power outside of the Spiders project in Fort Carson. 

Boulder EV and Coritech Services will be providing demonstration units consisting of a charger and a truck to private utility companies beginning this fall.

Boulder EV will also be showcasing a V2G capable truck, alongside a Coritech DC quick charger, at the Plug-In 2013 Conference & Exposition in San Diego on Sept. 28.