Paccar Parts unveiled a newly expanded Northeastern Parts Distribution Center, located in Lancaster, Pa. The expansion facilitates future growth and parts availability with environmental and technological enhancements, including daylight harvesting and the latest Radio Frequency technology.

With the addition of 60,000 square feet, the facility now features a total of 120,000 square feet of warehouse space. An additional 12,500-square-foot small parts mezzanine increases stocking density and order-picking productivity. The combination of added space and optimized racking systems increases the overall facility storage capacity by 130% to 35,000 stock keeping units.

The zero waste-to-landfill site also boasts several new environmental enhancements. A corrugated auger improves recycling efficiency and a storm water retention system reduces runoff. Motion-sensing light fixtures work in conjunction with 90 skylights and daylight harvesting to reduce electricity usage by 40%.

Additional enhancements include all-new storage and conveyance systems that reduce travel time, as well as ergonomic work stations with hydraulic lifts for heightened employee safety. An upgraded wireless network and next generation RF equipment increase productivity and reduce the possibility of errors.