This week is Brake Safety Week, one of two enforcement and outreach campaigns dedicated to promoting truck and bus brake safety held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance each year. The unannounced Brake Check is held each spring and Brake Safety Week each fall.

This year, the fall campaign is scheduled for Sept. 8-14 and will involve inspectors from nearly every CVSA member jurisdiction and inspectors from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More than 30,000 brake inspections are expected to be conducted during Brake Safety Week.

Inspections conducted during Brake Safety Week consist primarily of brake specific Level IV special study inspections, though some Level I inspections are also conducted. Carriers are encouraged to be involved by helping educate drivers and mechanics about the importance of pre-trip inspections and proper brake maintenance.

Operation Air Brake targets six items for inspection: driver’s license, registration, low air warning device, pushrod travel (adjustment), brake linings/drums, leaks/air loss rate, and tractor protection system.

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