ATDynamics has partnered with the Mexican firm Andromeda Business Solutions S.A. de C.V. to distribute ATDynamics’ TrailerTail technology in Mexico – one of several international introductions for TrailerTail technology in 2013.

ATDynamics’ patent-protected TrailerTail product line is comprised of lightweight, thermoplastic composite fairings installed at the back of tractor-trailers to streamline airflow behind the trailer, reducing aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption by 6.6% at 65 mph.    

In collaboration with the U.S. EPA, the Mexican government launched the “Transporte Limpio” or “Clean Transportation” program in 2011, which was modeled after the EPA’s SmartWay program. Mexico’s Transporte Limpio program currently has over 70 partners, and works to educate the industry on SmartWay technologies and operational best practices.

TrailerTail is an EPA SmartWay verified technology and is legal in Mexico on 48 foot long trailers. The Mexican transport authority is currently reviewing its road regulations to exempt TrailerTails from the overall length measurement when installed on standard 53 foot trailers.    

Using a patented origami folding design, TrailerTails collapse automatically out of the way when a driver opens the rear doors of a semi-trailer to access cargo. The devices can be installed by two people in less than one hour and every TrailerTail installed offsets approximately the equivalent fuel consumption of removing one passenger vehicle from the road. The devices enhance vehicle safety by improving vehicle stability in high winds and reducing spray in wet weather.