Con-way Truckload has announced it is investing in three safety technology systems for all of the 525 new tractors it will take delivery of in 2013.

The three systems being installed on this year's fleet deliveries are:

Front-Collision Avoidance Combining onboard, forward-looking radar and adaptive cruise control, the system monitors the vehicle directly in front of the tractor and sounds an alarm when the truck closes to less than a safe, three-second stopping distance of the vehicle it is approaching. If the driver does not take timely action, the system intervenes and begins braking the truck independently. The system also issues visual and auditory caution alerts to improve reaction times. The Kenworth and Navistar tractors feature Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation Technology, while the Freightliner tractors feature Meritor Wabco's OnGuard Collision Safety System.

Electronic Stability Control Developed by Bendix, this system automatically corrects vehicle speed to prevent potential rollover incidents. The technology monitors the tractor for G-forces and automatically begins braking to slow the tractor down and decrease the amount of lean, or tipping of the trailer in a turn, thus minimizing rollover risk.

Lane Departure Warning Developed by Takata, this system immediately alerts a driver if the vehicle begins veering unintentionally (without first engaging the turn signal) into another lane. Depending on which direction the truck is heading, a sound resembling that of a "rumble strip" on the apron of a highway emits from the corresponding radio speaker. This sound immediately alerts the driver, who can then take corrective action by using their turn signal or guiding the tractor back into the proper lane.

Con-way Truckload says it selected these safety products after extensive research with an eye to avoiding the lure of new, but often under-tested, equipment saying the newly adopted technologies have a proven track record of accuracy, effectiveness and reliability.