Bill Compton is Con-way Freight's first 4 million mile driver.

Bill Compton is Con-way Freight's first 4 million mile driver.

Con-way Truckload, Joplin, Mo., recently held a special recognition event to honor driver Bill Compton for surpassing 4 million miles of driving for the company. He's been with the company (formerly Contract Freighters Inc.) for 33 years.

"Bill is the Cal Ripken of drivers," said Saul Gonzalez, president of Con-way Truckload, referring to the former Baltimore Oriole who set a major league baseball record for consecutive games played. "His loyalty and dedication is the gold standard, not only for Con-way drivers, but the entire industry."

To put Compton's feat in perspective, consider that if a person drove that distance in their car, they would need to change the car's oil 1,333 times.

"I drive a truck for a living. I like my job. I never thought about reaching any milestones," Compton said. "For 33 years, Con-way has treated me and my fellow drivers like family. I hope that my reaching this milestone serves as an example of how important it is for drivers to choose a company that values them every day."

The event was attended by Douglas W. Stotlar, president and CEO of Con-way Inc.; Saul Gonzalez, the current president of Con-way Truckload; and former Con-way Truckload Presidents Herb Schmidt and Glenn Brown.

"Bill outlasted Glenn and me," remarked Schmidt. "The way he's going, he'll be logging miles for Con-way long after Saul retires as well."