Blue Tree Systems Inc., a provider of reefer monitoring, trailer tracking and in-cab fleet management solutions, announced it has completed implementation of new software updates to its HOS Advisor tool to reflect new driver Hours-of-Service regulations, which came into effect on July 1.

Developed by Blue Tree Systems, HOS Advisor keeps drivers informed of “Drive Time Remaining” at all times and advises drivers at the touch of a button of the options available to best use their available hours to maximize their driving time. HOS Advisor presents options to the driver based on their current HOS status and saves the driver the hassle of performing complex and time consuming calculations

The tool works by first providing drivers with a ‘current status’, for example: ‘You have 0 hours and 15 minutes of driving time left’ which is then followed by a number of appropriate options on how to proceed to maximize their drive time.

In addition, HOS Advisor provides dispatchers with the same real-time information that is available to the driver in the cab. This shared view is invaluable and means that dispatchers and drivers can discuss the options being presented by HOS Advisor and agree on how best to proceed.

HOS Advisor is available at all times. As soon as a driver logs onto the system, the previous seven days of logs are automatically downloaded to the truck and a summary of the driver’s current drive time and remaining time available is presented.

The system displays driver hours as a graph or a table. In graph format the data presentation is designed to be similar to that of the paper logbook to ease the driver’s transition to electronic logs. The tool is also able to advise on split logs for team drivers.

The HOS Advisor tool has now been updated to reflect the new changes in HOS regulation and has already been seamlessly deployed to all customer trucks and back office systems.