There has been a bit of a turnaround when it comes to freight rates on one of the nation’s biggest freight matching service providers.

Graphic: DAT

Graphic: DAT

DAT reports rates for flatbeds increased an average of 3.6% to $2.16 per mile for June 16-22 compared to the previous seven days.

In contrast, rates for both dry vans and reefers fell during the same period. Vans gave up 0,5% to $1.87 per mile, while reefers declined 1.3% to $2.28 per mile.

The changes in the rates are not surprising considering the ratio of loads to flatbed trucks moved 3.6% higher while ratios for loads to vans and reefers fell 5% and 3.1%, respectively.

DAT forecasts reefer rates are expected to spike late this week as the upcoming July 4th holiday brings “intense demand” for perishable foods.