Cold Train is expanding its express refrigerated intermodal service from Portland, Ore., to complement its existing expedited service out of Quincy, Wash.

Cold Train's expanded eastbound service out of Portland will deliver to the same destinations and locations as it does from Quincy.

Rail Logistics launched the Cold Train Express Intermodal Service in partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Port of Quincy in Washington State in 2010. Since the Rail Logistics Cold Train service was launched, it has grown rapidly in popularity with perishable shippers in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest and East Coast, and eastbound shipments of fresh produce and frozen foods on the Cold Train continue to grow at a fast pace.

As a result of the increasing demand for the service, Cold Train recently tripled the size of its refrigerated container fleet and has 300 state-of-the-art 53-foot Hyundai refrigerated containers. The expanded fleet has also allowed Cold Train to position containers in the Portland, Ore., area.

"We are excited about our continued expansion into Portland and being able to provide increased capacity for fresh and frozen products moving between the Pacific Northwest, Chicago and East Coast," stated Steve Lawson, President & CEO of Rail Logistics Cold Train.

Cold Train currently departs Portland six days a week and takes approximately four to five days between Oregon and the Midwest and about six to seven days between Oregon and the East Coast, similar to its eastbound service out of Quincy.

Cold Train also has dray or truck service to pick up fresh produce and other perishable or refrigerated products in and around the greater Portland area and can pick up in many nearby locations.