Nine weeks and counting. The Department of Energy reported Monday that diesel prices are still on a downward trend, with this week's drop a meager 3.6 cents per gallon lower that it was last week.  

The DOE's weekly pump-price survey shows California is the only jurisdiction where diesel remains above $4.00 per gallon. The average price in the Golden state is $4.047 per gallon -- which is still a dime cheaper that it was two weeks ago. The average price on the west coast, excluding California, is $3.833.

The best price around the country can be found in the Gulf Coast region at 3.757 per gallon.

Elsewhere, average regional fuel prices are as follows:

  • East Coast Average: 3.886
  • New England: 3.993
  • Central Atlantic: 3.934
  • Lower Atlantic: 3.831
  • Midwest: 3.839
  • Rocky Mountain: 3.810