Tolls along the Ohio Turnpike for both trucks and passenger vehicles will increase the first of 2014 and throughout the next decade under a plan that received tentative approved by the Ohio Turnpike Commission.

The hike would be an annual one, totaling nearly 30% over the next decade.

For truckers taking the entire 241-mile route, but don’t use E-ZPass, tolls would rise $1.25 to $45.25 on January 1. A decade later, they would pay $57.50. Those using E-ZPass would see the rate increase by $1 to $36 next year. After a decade, the toll would be $45.75.

Cross-state tolls for cars would increase 50 cents to $17 the first of 2014. After 10 years, the toll would be $21.50, however, if they use E-ZPass, they would rise 25 cents to $11.50, next January. After 10 years, the rate would be $14.75.

The money will be used to pay for $1.5 billion worth of bonds that Turnpike Authority wants to issue as part of Gov. John Kasich’s plan to pay for road projects in the northern part of the Buckeye State, that includes other routes.

The move comes just a week after Kasich signed legislation that paves the way for his funding plan. Supporters say this additional money is needed because revenue from federal and state fuel taxes is lagging. The law limits how far away from the Turnpike these road projects can be

The Ohio Trucking Association is on record as supporting the increases, saying the money brought in to pay for the bonds will help make improvements to the route and other nearby roads.

The commission is set to hold public hearings on the increases this summer before giving them expected final approval.