LOUISVILLE -- The parent company of the truckstops chains TA and Petro Stopping Centers, TravelCenters of America, announced at last week’s Mid America Trucking Show it has completed the installation of its 1,000th bulk on-island diesel exhaust fluid dispenser.

Called the "DEF+1", the dispensers pump both diesel fuel and DEF. Drivers can authorize diesel and DEF transactions at the same time at the same dispenser, pump both products in any order, and pay for both fills at the same time. The company says the "DEF+1" dispenser also saves time because it eliminates the need for drivers to leave the diesel island to accommodate both fills. Truckers with refrigerated trailers can dispense diesel to their vehicle, diesel to their refrigeration unit and DEF to their DEF reservoir, in a single transaction without leaving the fuel island.

"Our DEF installations were completed hand-in-hand with the installation of new, higher-speed diesel dispensers. Our investment in these technologies,…[totals]…about $100 million," said Tom O'Brien, president and CEO of TravelCenters.

TravelCenters expects that nearly all of its operated locations will offer on-island bulk DEF by the end of May, and that all locations will offer on-island bulk DEF by the end of June. TravelCenters of America has locations 41 states and Canada 244 convenient locations.

A complete listing of locations with on-island DEF, are on the TA and Petro websites at www.tatravelcenters.com and www.petrotruckstops.com or can be found using the TruckSmart mobile app.