The Original Gabriel (Ride Control LLC), which makes light vehicle and heavy-duty OE and aftermarket shocks and strutshas signed agreements with four new Master Distributors of its Fleetline and GasSLX products to the heavy-duty aftermarket, effective immediately.

The four newly appointed distributors are:

  • Aurora Auto Parts and Accessories
  • Automann
  • FleetPride
  • Fort Garry Industries

Gabriel recently parted ways with its previous distribution source, removing a layer separating it from its master distributors and customers.

“Having a more direct distribution channel has been our goal for some time and we welcome direct interaction with our heavy-duty aftermarket customers,” said Lisa Bahash, president and CEO. “HD customers will receive excellent service through Gabriel’s long-established distribution system and know-how.” 

The Gabriel HD lineup includes Fleetline 83000 series shocks for class 3-6 vehicles , Fleetline 85000 series for class 6-8 trucks, buses and trailers, Fleetline cab shocks, and GasSLX, an adjustable shock for class 7-8 trucks and buses.