OnRamp Transportation Services, an equipment leasing, sales, and contractor services organization, is changing its name to Equinox Business Solutions.

The new name, according to President Spencer Angerbauer, is intended to more accurately reflect the company's strengthening emphasis on delivering business services to independent contractors, carriers, and other participants in the transportation industry. These business services include both technology-driven business services and equipment leasing programs that enable carriers to partner with Equinox in the on-boarding and equipping of drivers with late-model, moderate mileage equipment.

OnRamp has been delivering these technology-driven business services through its Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions subsidiary, while OnRamp Transportation Services focused on marketing equipment, parts and service. The name change to Equinox Business Solutions consolidates these services under one corporate umbrella and emphasizes the company's primary source of growth, which is technology-driven business services.

“OnRamp’s and Equinox's innovations have accelerated to the point where we are delivering business services through the Cloud, through in-cab solutions, and through innovative equipment financing,” said Angerbauer. “What this means is that we can service an independent contractor’s bookkeeping and tax services in a more automated and accurate way, all while he or she is in the comfort of his or her truck. And, we’re doing this with lower costs to the contractors. Paper receipts can be uploaded, mail can be received and viewed virtually, and an independent contractor’s entire profit and loss statement can be updated and made accessible in real time through these services we’ve put in the Cloud and made accessible on mobile devices.”

Equinox Business Solutions’ core business services, which include bookkeeping services such as expense itemization and reconciliation, and tax services such as annual and quarterly tax preparation and filing, as well as tax payment reserve account management, all remain the same. In addition, Equinox has launched a number of carrier-specific services such as driver placement services and Equinox Leasing, the aforementioned equipment leasing program that lets carriers partner with Equinox in the on-boarding and equipping of drivers with hard-to-find equipment.

Equinox Business Solutions is also scheduled to announce key organizational and leadership changes in association with the name change.