The winter storm that’s pummeled the nation’s mid-section and the Plains, that the National Weather Service is calling a “crippling, historic blizzard,” continues in the Midwest and is moving toward the Great Lakes Northeast while bringing dangerous rain storms to the Southeast.

It has resulted in at least three deaths, with both truckers and motorists being stranded along Interstate stretches for many hours.

What has been dubbed Winter Storm Rocky is affecting many of the same areas as its predecessor Q that went through the area just a few days ago. Strong wind gusts have caused damage and overturned some tractor-trailers. CBS News describes it as “tough traveling today and tough traveling tomorrow.”

If there is any good news about Rocky, the Weather Channel reports it will result in badly needed moisture coming to some drought-stricken areas of the country.

You can follow the live storm track at and read more about it from The Weather Channel and CNN.