The price for diesel rose marginally this week with a nationwide average increase of 0.8 cents per gallon. Prices averaged out at $3.90, according to the Energy Information Administration's weekly fuel update.

On the West Coast, diesel prices rose 1.6 cents to bring diesel back above the $4-mark for the region. Diesel prices saw an increase in the Rocky Mountain region by 1.7 cents per gallon, but the region still has the country's cheapest diesel at $3.68.

Prices on the East Coast fell this week, but diesel still remains higher than the national numbers at an average of $4.16 per gallon in the New England area and $4.09 in the Central Atlantic.

Gasoline prices also saw an increase this past week. Prices rose an average of 1.2 cents nationwide to rest at $3.32 per gallon. The West Coast reported the highest prices for gasoline at $3.50 per gallon, and the Rocky Mountain region saw the lowest gasoline prices at $2.88 per gallon.

Crude futures for February delivery saw an increase of 68 cents on Tuesday to settle at $96.24 a barrel.