The price for a gallon of diesel continued to fall this week.

Nationwide, prices fell an average of 0.7 cents per gallon this past week to rest at $3.91, according to the U.S. DOE's Energy Information Administration.

While the Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update reported that the average price for diesel went down, certain regions did see an increase in diesel prices.

The Central Atlantic region reported an increase of 0.2 cents per gallon and the Gulf Coast region saw a bump in prices of 0.7 cents per gallon.

Once again this week, the cheapest diesel can be found in the Rocky Mountain region at $3.69 per gallon after falling 5.8 cents. The most expensive diesel is the New England region where it costs $4.15 per gallon.

Gasoline prices went up marginally by 0.1 cent per gallon nationally to stay stead at $3.30 per gallon. The Rocky Mountain region also has the cheapest gasoline prices at $2.94 per gallon.

Crude oil for February delivery saw an increase on Monday of 10 cents. The price per barrel came to rest at $93.19