The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration declared Illinois-based C&D Transportation Inc. an imminent hazard to public safety and ordered the interstate motor carrier to immediately shut down its operations, after numerous violations involving drivers without CDLs, drivers who couldn't speak English, hours of service and other serious incidents.

"C&D Transportation Inc. has willfully violated an out-of-service order and continued to operate by renting vehicles on the effective date of the out-of-service order, one of which crashed; has failed to ensure that its drivers comply with commercial driver's license requirements, English proficiency requirements, and vehicle weight limits; and has committed records of duty status violations," stated the FMCSA order.

Since June, police departments in various states have conducted roadside inspections of C&D's vehicles and many citations were issued. At least four citations were given for drivers not having a CDL, at least six for exceeding weight limits, and at least six for the out-of-service violation of failing to meet English proficiency requirements.

On Oct. 4, FMCSA served C&D Transportation with an "expedited action letter" for three types of violations discovered between Dec. 2011 and Sept. 17, which included seven instances of drivers operating without a valid CDL, one instance of operating a commercial vehicle that had been placed out-of-service for needed repairs, and one instance of a driver or vehicle out-of-service rate of 50% or more based on three inspections occurring within a 90-day period.

Two more expedited action letters were sent to C&D Transportation in October. On Nov. 8, FMCSA placed C&D Transportation out-of-service because it failed to respond to the Oct. 4 letter.

On Nov. 11, a vehicle operated by C & D Transportation was involved in a one-vehicle accident in Girard, Penn.

"The accident report notes that the driver of this vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and overturned the vehicle. The Pennsylvania State Police cited the driver for failing to possess a driver's record of duty status, operating in violation of an FMCSA out-of-service order, and an English proficiency violation," the order stated.

Due to failing to remedy violations and violating the out-of-service order, C & D Transportation was deemed an imminent hazard to public safety and ordered the interstate motor carrier to immediately shut down its operations.

C&D Transportation commercial motor vehicles and their drivers were required at the time of the order to proceed to their next immediate scheduled stop where cargo could be safely secured.