The 18-wheel CVSN Pinewood Challenge will be held in conjunction with Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2013 in Las Vegas.

The CVSN Pinewood Challenge will be part of an all-industry reception held during HDAW on Wednesday, Jan. 23, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Mirage Grand Ballroom.

The CVSN Pinewood Challenge is similar to pine-car derby races commonly seen at Cub Scouting events, only these are bigger and come in the form of pine-trucks.

The Pinewood is open to all HDAW'13 attendee distributor and supplier companies and features prizes for first, second and third place winners in both the Pinewood Race and the Concours d 'Elegance (for the best looking truck).

Bendix is the defending Grand Champion from HDAW'12 and welcomes all challengers in the HDAW'13 competition. All Pinewood Challenge race trucks will be on display for the duration of the HDAW'13 Product Expo.

For more information, the Pinewood Challenge rules, registration form, and pictures from last year's event visit, and click the Pinewood Challenge icon.