This weekend, a 10-mile stretch of Los Angeles' Interstate 405 will be closed for 53 hours from midnight on Friday night, Sept. 29, to 5 a.m. on Monday morning, Oct. 1.

I-405 will be closed between freeways 10 and 101 to allow crews to demolish the north side of the Mullholland Drive bridge. According to reports, the approximately 500,000 drivers who may drive on that section of I-405 on any given weekend are being warned to stay away.

Alternative routes have been established, but officials warn motorists to just stay away from the site to avoid potentially horrible congestion and accidents.

This is the second time this section of I-405 has been shut down. In July last year, the south side of the Mullholland Drive bridge was demolished, and in anticipation, many named the road closing, "Carmegeddon."

The road closing last year went smoothly, and many felt that warnings to avoid the area had been overstated, according to reports.

This year, it's time for "Carmegeddon II," and many officials are worried that because of the success in 2011, drivers will not avoid the I-405 this weekend as they did last year.