The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition achieved its final goal of attaining 20,000 voter signatures in its ballot campaign, well above the 11,000 required. The final batch of certified signatures will be delivered to the state Secretary of State's office ahead of the early-July deadline.

Obtaining these signatures was the final step in the signature gathering process required to put the issue on the ballot. After this announcement, the Right to Repair signature gathering total is 126,000.

The Right to Repair measure would require manufacturers of motor vehicles sold in the commonwealth to sell vehicle owners and independent repair facilities the same non-proprietary diagnostic and repair information, including repair technical updates, that the manufacturer makes available to its dealers and authorized repair facilities.

Currently, vehicles manufacturers provide only some of the non-proprietary diagnostic and safety information needed to make repairs, with independent technicians, limiting consumers' choices and losing business for neighborhood repair shops.

While the emphasis has been on consumer auto repairs, many heavy-duty shops support the movement, as well.

"Motoring consumers have demonstrated their strong support for Right to Repair and are ready to begin saving money on their car repairs and giving them more choice on where they can have their cars repaired when Right to Repair passes," says Art Kinsman, spokesman of the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. "We are looking forward to final passage in the legislature or on the November ballot so that we can ensure cost savings and convenience for the Massachusetts motoring public."

A study posted on and independent from the Right to Repair coalition, shows that, on average, consumers could save up to $420 per year on car repairs if local repair shops were able to buy the code data.

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