Rolling Strong is partnering with Stayhealthy, maker of health monitoring devices, to provide professional drivers access to kiosks known as HealthCenters, which will be placed in convenient locations for drivers.

The Stayhealthy HealthCenter kiosks offer assessments including measurements of weight, blood pressure, body composition, BMI calculation and basic vision. Other tests such as hearing are being considered.

The HealthCenterss are Internet enabled, allowing individuals to securely save their results to a HIPAA-compliant website that is viewable from any Internet device and can be shared (with the professional driver's permission) with physicians, pharmacists or family members through Rolling Strong's Driver Wellness Tool Bag Program.

"To effectively change health levels, you must make the process cost effective, accessible and convenient," says Michael F. Cavotta, Stayhealthy EVP Strategic Initiatives. "By deploying self-use health stations across a broad community such as retail stores, YMCAs, hospitals and corporate locations, it empowers individuals to frequently measure their metrics, a key to improving health levels. If you can measure it, you can manage it."

"Rolling Strong is proud to partner with Stayhealthy," said Bob Perry, "The Trucker Trainer,"chairman of the American Trucking Association's Safety Management Council's Health & Wellness Working Group and president of Rolling Strong. "Together, Rolling Strong and Stayhealthy are reaching drivers where they work and live, out there on the road. Together, we are giving them the tools they need to stay in front of their health, bringing them home safe to their families."

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