Universal Lubricants announced an initiative to educate fleets about the benefits of re-refined engine oils.

"We're calling on fleet operators to be the driving force behind a green engine oil revolution, believing that these individuals can have an outsized impact on America's environmental and energy future," says John Wesley, CEO of Universal Lubricants. "For each and every 12-gallon engine oil change using re-refined oils in place of a lubricant made from a virgin base, we help reduce the need for 24 barrels of crude to be either extracted or imported from overseas. That adds up, quickly. Quite plainly, re-refined options represent the intersection of good business and solid business ethics."

Each year, the U.S. produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used engine oils, 10% of which is re-refined. The rest is either improperly disposed of or burned as an industrial fuel, wasting limited petroleum reserves and perpetuating the need to import foreign oil.

Universal Lubricants' full line of Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Engine Oils is made from re-refined used motor oil.