The North Dakota Department of Transportation will place seasonal load restrictions on highways in southwestern North Dakota beginning Feb. 8. at 7 a.m. CST.

Load restrictions will be implemented on the following North Dakota highways:

-Highways south of Interstate 94 and west of Highway 1806
-Highway 22 from the junction of I-94 north to the Junction of Highway 73

The following North Dakota highways are NOT included:

-Highway 6 from the South Dakota border north to Selfridge
-Highway 6 from the junction of ND Highway 21 north to the Junction of I-94
-Highway 21 from the junction of ND Highway 6 to the west junction of I-94
-Highway 49 from Glen Ullin north to the junction of Interstate 94
-Highway 1806 south of I-94

Traditionally, seasonal load restrictions are first implemented in the southwestern portion of the state and continue north and east as spring progresses. Restrictions are lifted when roadbeds have stabilized enough to carry normal traffic.