TravelCenters of America announced it will install RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology at all of its locations nationwide to help fleets manage fuel transactions.

This technology, called Fuel Island Manager, is distributed by Comdata and was developed by QuikQ.

Fuel Island Manager, introduced earlier this year, is designed to be a cardless fueling solution for travel centers and transportation companies that provides a faster, more efficient way for drivers to fuel, while giving transportation companies even more options to control the fuel-purchasing process.

It uses RFID technology to initiate transactions at the fuel dispenser, instead of requiring the presence of a card. To operate the system, a trucking company simply needs to install low-cost RFID tags in each of their vehicles. These tags automatically activate fuel dispensers at RFID-equipped locations as the vehicles pull alongside them, according to each trucking company's specifications for that vehicle and location.

This streamlined process allows drivers to spend less time at the pump, because the RFID tag eliminates most, if not all, of their data entry tasks. Fuel Island Manager simplifies the overall fuel-purchasing process because it automates the transaction for drivers, expedites the transaction authorization, and reduces the chance of unauthorized purchases. RFID technology may also benefit trucking companies by reducing administration related to the issuance of physical cards.

TravelCenters expects to begin installation at its locations nationwide during 2012.