The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has begun installing safety reflective markers designed to make nighttime driving easier and safer.

Known as roadside delineators, the markers will be installed mostly along highways through a $1.5 million contract with RoadSafe Traffic Systems of Avon, Mass.

Along straightaway sections of highways, the markers will be placed on both sides of the road to complement pavement markings and better define the edges of the roadway. Along curves and exits, their spacing will be tighter, providing another visual cue of a change in road direction.

Some of these markers will be mounted on small posts and others will be mounted on top of existing concrete barriers. The work is expected to conclude in late Fall 2011.

Highway segments in the contract include I-95 from Exit 8 to the Massachusetts state line, I-195 and I-295. Other highways and bridges include Route 4, Route 6 (from Route 10 in Providence to the Connecticut state line, including Hartford Avenue and Danielson Pike), Route 6/10 Connector and Routes 10, 24, 37, 78, 99, 114, 138, 146 and 403. The airport connector in Warwick and the Henderson Bridge in Providence are also included.