LOUISVILLE, KY -- Western Star Truck Sales announced new naming for its full line of truck models.

Western Star recently introduced its newest Class 8 vocational truck - the Western Star 4700 - at the 2011 Work Truck Show, which served as the starting point for its new line-up.

"With the addition of the Western Star 4700 to our product line, we decided to better distinguish between the multiple configurations that are available within the brand," said Mike Jackson, general manager, Western Star. "Our improved nomenclature enables our customers and dealers to easily select the right premium truck model and axle position to suit their needs."

The new naming strategy builds on Western Star's tradition of numerical notation, and separates Western Star's family of trucks into four distinct models: the 4700, 4800, 4900 and 6900. All axle configurations are also represented and include the set-forward (SF), set-back (SB) and twin-steer (TS). Western Star's full product nomenclature includes:

4700SF and 4700SB: The latest addition to Western Star's product line, the 4700 truck models are ideal for the dump, plow, sewer vac, crane, roll-off and mixer applications. The 4700 has a 110-inch BBC and is available with power ratings from 260 to 450 hp.

4800SF, 4800SB and 4800TS: Formally within the 4900 product line, the new 4800 series has a 109-inch BBC and is available with power ratings from 350 to 450 hp. The 4800 is the right choice for more demanding construction, government, refuse and utility applications.

4900SF, 4900SB, 4900XD, 4900EX and 4900TS:The versatile 4900 product line is perfectly suited for long-haul and severe duty vocational applications. The 4900SF, 4900SB and 4900XD feature a 123-inch BBC. The 4900 EX features a 132-inch BBC extended hood version. Power ratings for the 4900 range from 350 to 600 hp.

6900XD and 6900TS: The 6900 models are built for extreme duty applications such as mining and oil field operations, and feature a 141-inch BBC with power ratings from 425 to 600 hp.