Xantrex Technology USA Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, announces the recent launch of a dedicated Custom Power Solutions team organized expressly to support corporate clients in multiple markets including commercial truck, electric vehicle, consumer electronic, back-up, military, and automotive.

"Major client partnerships in our core markets is the strength of our business. Now we are also seeking opportunities within the emerging market of AC backup power, with the goal of this new professional entity being to partner with our clients, assess their needs and provide customized solutions that meet their specifications," said John McMillan, senior manager, business development for Xantrex Technology USA. Inc.

This new team carries on the rich tradition of Xantrex in the continued development of custom power solutions and will incorporate services including design, technology and engineering; new product development; private label manufacturing; renewable energy solutions; packaging and merchandising; product upgrading/re-engineering; solutions consulting, and more.

Added Shepard Gerrish of Duracell Business Development, "We have been working with Xantrex Technology for the past six years on a wide variety of consumer electronic projects. I would describe the team as creative, innovative, and prompt in adapting to newer technologies and trends, which is very important in the consumer electronic market."

"Xantrex is one of the first companies to manufacture portable backup and renewable power systems capable of generating AC power from multiple sources including solar panels and wind turbines," added McMillan. "We also own more than 100 innovative patents globally in various power fields, such as DC to AC power conversion, battery charging, backup power, portable personal power and system monitoring. In addition, we share the vision for developing cleaner, greener products and solutions to meet regulatory requirements while improving the environment. Our goal is to bring all of this experience and expertise to benefit our clients."

More info: www.xantrex.com