The Truckload Carriers Association will create a new class of membership for private carriers.

The association's board of directors voted this week to move forward with a plan to set up a dues structure for private fleets.

"We were getting more requests from private carriers about joining TCA, and we didn't know what to tell them -- we didn't have a dues structure set up for that," explained TCA President Chris Burruss in an interview. "The membership committee did a lot of work on it."

Some members saw the move as a good idea for growing membership, but, Burruss admits, others were concerned that it would dilute the group's focus on truckload.

"In the end, I think the membership believes that with all the issues out there that will have an impact on the supply chain, that having private carriers and shippers involved perhaps gives them the carrier perspective and what that will mean for them," Burruss said. "I think a lot of it is about education."