Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa, is gearing up for its annual Walcott Truckers Jamboree, which is coming up July 8 and 9. The event, which has been going on since 1979, is a way to celebrate America's truck drivers.
Last year's Jamboree featured a concert by Aaron Tippin. This year's will feature Tracy Lawrence.
Last year's Jamboree featured a concert by Aaron Tippin. This year's will feature Tracy Lawrence.
"It's our way of saying thank you to the millions of truck drivers that deliver the goods we consume, whether it's groceries, gas, clothes or cars - you can bet it was delivered by a truck," Iowa 80 said.

The first Jamboree only attracted a few hundred drivers, whereas today it attracts 30,000. This year's event will feature over 200 exhibits; a Super Truck Beauty Contest; Antique Truck Display; Iowa pork chop cookout; Trucker Olympics; carnival games; live music; and a fireworks display.

Tracy Lawrence Concert

The 31st annual event will feature a concert by Tracy Lawrence, a country music singer, on July 8 at 7 p.m. The concert is being sponsored by Mobil Delvac.

"Each year we try to put on a bigger and better event to show professional drivers how much we appreciate the work they do," said Delia Moon Meier, Iowa 80 Truckstop senior vice president. "We are proud to serve them and are grateful they choose to stop at Iowa 80."

100-Year-Old Truck

The show will also include a birthday celebration for the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum's 100-year-old Avery Farm Truck on July 9, at 2:30 p.m.

"The 1910 Avery is the oldest truck we have on display and a rare piece of trucking history, so we thought it very fitting to throw a party," said Dave Meier, museum curator.

Avery was a large farm equipment manufacturer in Peoria, Ill., that built farm tractors into the 1920s. The 1910 model was advertised to do the work of six to eight horses at a top speed of 15 mph. Iowa 80 says the truck could haul up to 100 bushels of wheat, pull a 3-bottom plow, or run a threshing machine through an additional belt pulley. The truck used to sell for $2,500.

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum purchased this particular Avery from collector Lloyd VanHorn in 1995, who had purchased it from the Pioneer Auto Museum, Murdo, S.D., 10 years earlier. It is one of only six Avery trucks known to still exist.

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