The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is gearing up for its annual Roadcheck on June 8 to 10. For 72 continuous hours inspectors and law enforcement officers will be conducting the annual "Roadcheck," which mobilizes thousands of federal, state, provincial and local inspectors
Enforcement officers and inspection crews will be out in full force from June 8 to 10. (Photo by CVSA)
Enforcement officers and inspection crews will be out in full force from June 8 to 10. (Photo by CVSA)
to more than 1,500 locations across the continent to conduct comprehensive North American Standard (NAS) Level I Inspections and other related roadside enforcement activities.

CVSA hopes to send this message out to motor carriers and drivers: "Be accountable to yourself, your employer and those you are sharing the road with to help in making sure all of us get to our destinations safely."

"Roadcheck is successful because of the dedication and hard work of the thousands of roadside inspectors all across North America, as well as the strength of our partnerships and of the combined commitment to ensure trucks and buses are sharing the road safely with others," said Stephen A. Keppler, CVSA's interim executive director. "Each year CVSA teams with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other organizations, including the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada as well as the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in Mexico to crack down on non-compliant trucks, buses and drivers during our Roadcheck campaign."

Last year's enforcement blitz focused on the North American Standard Level I inspection, and with 9,700 CVSA and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certified inspectors at 2,148 locations, 57,013 of the 72,782 inspections were NAS Level I. This was a total inspection increase of 7.1 percent from 2008 and an 8.9 percent boost in NAS Level I inspections from 2008.

"The critical work of inspecting large commercial trucks and buses, and their drivers, takes place every day in every state and province in North America," said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro. "The CVSA Roadcheck campaign places a much deserved spotlight on commercial vehicle safety and on the thousands of highly-trained professional inspectors who strive to ensure that ever motorist on our roadways reaches their destination safely."