Through a partnership between carriers and towing companies, the Towing Network has been launched in an effort to bring greater collaboration and fairer pricing to the towing services available to motor carriers.
The new initiative has 20,000 towing members.

The Towing Network, a full-service, national heavy-duty towing and road service dispatch organization, began providing towing services to motor carriers large and small last month.

"We are a company made up of towers supporting towers," said Jeff St. Pierre, president. "At the same time, we know that to be successful, towers need to build positive, lasting relationships with customers. We're going to do just that by providing a quality service for a fair price, sharing a like-minded approach to conducting business and promoting a professional image for the towing community."

According to St. Pierre, the Towing Network's rates are established by a board of towing experts with an average of 25 years of towing industry experience.

Schneider National recently became the first carrier to join the network.

"Standardizing the quality of service and the rates charged is long overdue in the towing community," said Rob Reich, vice president of maintenance operations, Schneider National. "Our drivers deserve top-notch service when there's an accident or disabled equipment. The Towing Network allows us to better support drivers when they need it most."

A nationwide call center in Brunswick, Ohio, is at the heart of the Towing Network's operations. The organization is actively looking for partner towing companies with a solid reputation and the ability to serve large motor carrier customers with heavy-duty towing, recovery and road service services.

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