Kansas, Wisconsin, Montana, New Mexico and Utah have the "Best Roads" in the U.S., while Montana, Louisiana, South Carolina, West Virginia and Arkansas were ranked as having the "Deadliest Roads,"
according to Reader's Digest's latest ranking.

The publication ranked all 50 states and determined the safest, most scenic and sensible roads, along with the most dangerous roads, including the top 10 deadliest for DUIs and speeding.

Other states that ranked as the top best roads included North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Virginia and Oregon. Meanwhile, other states with deadly roads were Mississippi, Kentucky, Wyoming, Alabama and Nevada.

According to the Reader's Digest article, "Although Montana appears at No. 3 on the Best Roads list (good infrastructure, little congestion), it tops the Deadliest list in part because of drivers who drink, drive recklessly, or shun seat belts."

Among the "Worst Roads" are Louisiana roads in general, but Interstate 55 and I-12 east of Baton Rouge are particularly dangerous. Other worst roads include the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-78 and I-80), I-95 over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey/New York and the Will Rogers Turnpike (I-44) in Oklahoma.

The "Best Roads" list was determined by the latest data from the Federal Highway Administration, while the "Deadliest Roads" were calculated using a simple ranking of fatalities per 100 million miles driven.

For more information, visit www.readersdigest.com/bestandworstroads.