Charles "Shorty" Whittington, president of Grammer Industries and immediate past chairman of the American Trucking Associations, was at the White House Thursday, sharing ideas on how to continue growing the economy and put Americans back to work
. During his visit, Whittington participated in a breakout session on "Creating Jobs Through the Rebuilding of America's Infrastructure."

"I am honored to be invited by the president to meet with other corporate executives and small business owners to review the status of the Administration's economic recovery program and the efforts to address America's number one task: job creation," said Whittington.

"As a small business owner involved in agribusiness and transportation, I understand first-hand the need to put people back to work, especially in the rural communities of America. Creation of jobs in this sector is critical to our nation's continued economic recovery and growth."

In 1977, Whittington established Grammer Industries, a trucking company transporting liquid fertilizer and other agricultural inputs.

In 2006, he launched, Integrity Biofuels, Central Indiana's first soy biodiesel plant, after recognizing the need for renewable fuels and the role they will play in the future of the transportation industry and in reducing America's dependency on foreign oil.

He serves on the boards for the Indiana Motor Trucking Associations (IMTA), the Agricultural & Food Transporters Conference (AFTC) and the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC).