The Service Specialists Association is gearing up for its upcoming convention on Oct. 8-11 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Washington, D.C.
The convention will feature business improvement, technical training and industry updates.

The convention will include a number of seminars as well as booth sessions with vendors, during which distributors will have an opportunity to meet manufacturers.

Attendees will be able to attend the following seminars:

* "Small Business Pitfalls in Property and Casualty Insurance" with Michael Kelly, a Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriter of Lamb, Little & Co.

* "6S...Fighting Enemies of Shop Profitability" with Dr. Dave Kwinn, a profitability consultant for all types and sizes of distributors.

* "Secrets to Building Kick-Butt Websites" with Craig Fry of Wade&Partners, an innovative web site designer for optimum small business commerce.

* "Heavy Duty Legislative Update" with Mike Conlon, Washington attorney and president of the Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Group. Conlon will comment on legislative concerns for the heavy-duty business.

* "Forces of Change: 4 Major Trends in Service" with Bill Wade of Wade & Partners. This presentation describes the most recent NAW study findings, critical for suppliers.

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