TransCore will address critical cash flow issues facing brokers and 3PLs in a sluggish economy in an upcoming webinar titled "Brokers as Bankers."
TransCore will host the webinar Sept. 23 at 3 p.m. Eastern time.

At the moment, shippers are extending their payment schedules as carriers deal with depressed rates and fluctuating fuel surcharges. Brokers and 3PLs are finding themselves stuck in the middle of this equation.

The webinar will feature a presentation by Winston Aston, CEO of TransCredit, which handles credit and payment issues in the transportation industry. Aston has spent the last 23 years as reporting on transportation industry credit. Prior to that, he operated a trucking company with an in-house brokerage for 14 years.

"The best brokers are playing the role of bankers, as they are forced to pick up the days between shipper remittance and carrier payment," Aston said. "Even when the shipper pays late, these brokers still meet their commitments to pay carriers within 30 days."

Aston's presentation will be followed by an online question-and-answer session and a panel discussion with John Miller, vice president of Hybrid Transit Systems; Greg Roush, president of Smart Lines; and Steve Blair, general manager for TransCore's Broker Transportation Management Systems.

The webinar will also provide tools and techniques that can help brokers and 3PLs stay on top of its customer-vendor relationships and improve their bottom line. This includes TransCore's logistics software.

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