Under a new agreement between Advantage PressurePro and Pana-Pacific, Pana-Pacific will become PressurePro's newest distribution house and development partner.

"Pana-Pacific has been working with and leading distribution to the CV market for over 35 years," said Phillip Zaroor, president and CEO of PressurePro. "During these years, they've proven themselves again and again as an authority in the distribution of high quality products while maintaining a reputation and market reach that is unsurpassed."

Pana-Pacific distributes for many heavy-duty truck manufacturers, while PressurePro is known for its Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

"Pana-Pacific plans to promote these products in the heavy-duty trucking, RV, agriculture, school bus, fire, police and ambulance markets," said John Trenberth, president of Pana-Pacific. "We are confident that this partnership will prove fruitful as we explore cutting-edge ways to deliver this break-through technology to markets where safety is top priority."

More info: www.panapacific.com or www.advantagepressurepro.com