The California Air Resources Board has launched educational tools to help the trucking industry comply with the state's clean air regulations
, geared toward cutting diesel pollutions and greenhouse gas emissions.

The board now offers a web portal called "Truck Stop," which presents information about the standards in a straightforward, non-bureaucratic language. The site also includes an interactive questionnaire that provides a list of regulations and funding assistance options that may apply to the fleet owner's situation.

The trucking industry now has the option of fielding questions about the regulations via the board's phone line, 1-866-6DIESEL, or the new e-mail address, Questions can be answered over the phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in English, Spanish, Punjabi and Vietnamese. E-mails will be answered within two business days.

"Trucking is a tough enough business that we need to make clean air performance as simple as possible," said Mary Nichols, chairman of the board. "All of the regulations, programs and funding assistance options for truckers operating in California can now be found at one central location on the web site or via a centralized phone line. We hope to create a better understanding of our regulations, so that Californians will have cleaner air to breathe."

The board enacted these clean air regulations with the caveat that outreach to the trucking industry be readily available, easy to understand and include funding assistance options. The tools are geared specifically to fleet owners as well as the truck dealers, lenders, air districts and others affected by the regulations.

The new web portal can be found at